Home Page is an internet only retailer shipping worldwide, owned and operated by King Industries of Malta. We have been proudly serving civilian, police, fire, EMS, and military bands throughout Canada, the United States, and around the world since 2005. 


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  • Out of Stock, Special Order and Made to Measure items usually ship in 6 to 8 weeks Police and Military Cutaway Patrol Tunics Highland Doublets Tartan Print iPhone Cases
Patrol Tunics
Start at $199 USD Embroidered Pipe Banners and Drum Major Sashes Metal Doublet and Tunic Uniform Buttons Glengarry Hats Cloth Badges Diced Hose Tops Balmoral Hats
Cloth Badges

Start at $18 USD Velvet Highland Dancing Vest Short Jackets and Coatees Peak Hats, Caubeens, and Feather Bonnets
Jackets and Coatees
Start at $200 USD
Other Hats
Start at $50 USD Feather Hackles Genuine Horsehair Sporrans
Feather Hackles
Start at $17 USD


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