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IMPORTANT: Canada is expecting a postal service disruption (lockout or strike action) during employee contract negotiations that will prevent me from shipping using my normal lower cost postal methods. During this disruption, I may be unable to give you a reasonable estimate of when your products may be delivered if shipped via the postal system. I may be able to ship some higher value products such as doublets and custom embroidered baldrics and banners direct to the customer from my overseas manufacturing partners, OR I may be able to offer an upgrade to ground courier services for higher value items shipped to Canada or the USA. Courier costs from Canada to points outside North America are generally cost prohibitive. The last time there was a postal labour dispute in 2011 service was disrupted for about three weeks. At this time I can only offer customers a choice of:

  • Ship via postal system, no estimate of delivery date
  • Upgrade shipping to UPS courier ground (estimated minimum $20 USD upcharge, even for a single hat)
  • Refund your purchase price

I apologize for this service interruption, and will work with you on alternative shipping methods where applicable.
Thank you... Ian Parenteau, Police and Military Cutaway Patrol Tunics Highland Doublets Tartan Print iPhone Cases
Patrol Tunics
Start at $199 USD Embroidered Pipe Banners and Drum Major Sashes Metal Doublet and Tunic Uniform Buttons Glengarry Hats Cloth Badges Diced Hose Tops Balmoral Hats
Cloth Badges

Start at $18 USD Velvet Highland Dancing Vest Short Jackets and Coatees Peak Hats, Caubeens, and Feather Bonnets
Jackets and Coatees
Start at $200 USD
Other Hats
Start at $50 USD Feather Hackles Genuine Horsehair Sporrans
Feather Hackles
Start at $17 USD


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