Questions and Answers


A. Why are your shipping times so variable?

  • Stocked Items: Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery
  • Out of Stock or Made to Order Items: Please allow 6 to 12 weeks for delivery, depending on season
  • As a one man shop, my workload varies greatly depending on buyer’s seasonal purchasing volumes.
  • When I periodically become swamped with orders my priority is to try to keep my head above water by getting paid order specifications into the tailoring shop for production, restocking out of stock items to fulfil paid orders, and shipping out in-stock orders.
  • There are times when I can be running up to two or three weeks behind on all customer communications and shipping, and am seasonally unable to “chit-chat” with customers regarding their specific orders.

B.  I used the shopping cart to make a purchase, how do I know if the payment was actually sent and received?

  1. You will receive a payment confirmation e-mail from PayPal to the e-mail address you identified to PayPal at the time of purchase within about 5 minutes of making your payment.  
  2. I receive a similar payment notification of your order at the same time as you receive your payment receipt. 
  3. Even if my e-mail is not functioning I still have an online record of your payment registered within PayPal.
  4. If you have received an automatic payment receipt e-mail from PayPal, then I have received your order.
  5. Generally no follow up e-mails “re-confirming” your payment was sent or received is required.

C.  I received my PayPal e-mail receipt confirming payment was sent to, so I immediately began flooding your e-mail inbox with “Please confirm you received my payment” messages and you are not responding, why is that??

  1. You will have already received a PayPal e-mail receipt sent to the e-mail address you identified to PayPal within about 5 minutes of making your purchase. 
  2. I cannot “re-issue” a PayPal receipt. 
  3. As your PayPal receipt detailing your payment to is already sitting right there in your e-mail inbox, no “re-confirmation”
    of your payment is required.   
  4. Normally I am unable to answer e-mail demands for subsequent payment receipts or other payment confirmations.
D. When can I expect my product to ship?
  1. About 80% of products usually ship within one week, and about 15% of products ship within eight weeks.  Periodically a custom manufactured product requiring out of stock materials can take longer than 8 weeks before it can be received by me so I can ship it out to you.
  2. I generally ship out a large bag of products about once per week. 
  3. As I am a one man shop there can be additional delays if I am sick or out of town. 
  4. If the ordered products are in stock I can usually get your product out in the next week’s shipping batch, so the soonest you could expect to receive a product is about three weeks. 
  5. If the purchased products are out of stock or are made to order you could expect to receive the product anywhere within about six to twelve weeks.

E. How do I know when my product has shipped?

  1. I purchase all postage online from within PayPal, and PayPal automatically sends a shipping notification e-mail to the e-mail address you identified to PayPal at the time of purchase.
  2. As most of my shipments are non-trackable, the “tracking number” identified in the PayPal shipping notification e-mail IS NOT A TRACKING NUMBER, but is instead a “receipt number”. 
  3. E-mail demands for a tracking number where a tracking number does not exist may go unanswered.

F. When can I expect to receive my product?

  1. Once you receive your email notification your product has shipped, you should expect to receive your product in about two or three weeks.
  2. If the ordered products are out of stock, or are made to order you could expect to receive the product within about six to twelve weeks.
  3. If you have not received a PayPal shipping notification e-mail then your product has not yet shipped.

G. How are products shipped?

  1. I ship using Canada Post.
  2. I usually ship using NON-TRACKABLE Air Lettermail for small items under 100 grams and NON-TRACKABLE Small Packet Air for medium sized items under 2 kg.
  3. Both of these non-trackable methods are published with “7 to 10 business day” transit times.
  4. More expensive items such as doublets are usually sent using trackable Express Post (EMS) which is published as “5 business day” transit times.
  5. It is important to note these times are calculated from the date of posting, not the day of purchase.
  6. Transit times do not include day of shipping, day of delivery, weekends, or holidays in sending or receiving country.
  7. Transit times do not include time spent with your country’s import customs authorities.

H. Why don’t you ship using couriers such as UPS or FedEx?

  1. I keep my prices down by using postal service.
  2. Couriers such as UPS and FedEx can be great when shipping within one’s own country, but as soon as the package crosses an international border the prices can skyrocket and there can be hidden additional fees.
  3. Shipping an empty envelope internationally via courier can cost as much as $130.
  4. Some couriers offer “cheap” ground shipping from Canada to the USA, then charge the receiver a bogus “import paperwork processing fee” of up to $60.
  5. These high charges and hidden receiver paid fees are not sensible when shipping lower value products.

I.   Why is my product taking longer than anticipated to be received?

  1. Periodically there can be production and/or shipping delays at the manufacturer’s end resulting from holidays, staff availability, material availability, etc.
  2. As I am a one man shop there can be unplanned delays if I am sick or out of town.
  3. My supplier shipments may transit through the UK or USA, and may occasionally be selected by UK, USA, or Canada Customs for a thorough review of the imported goods before I can receive them.
  4. It is impossible for me to anticipate potential customer volumes.
  5. I can easily sell out of several hat sizes for a particular style with a single larger band order.
  6. I do the best I can to keep products in stock and get re-stocked in a timely manner, but there are sometimes factors beyond my control that can result in unexpected delays
  7. I will ship your product as soon as it is received by me from the manufacturer

J.  My needs are urgent, can’t you and your suppliers ignore all other customers and make my order your only priority?

  1. No.
  2. Made to order products will be processed in the order they are received, and cannot ship to you until after they are received by me from the manufacturer.
  3. Out of stock products will ship as soon as I am re-stocked.
  4. I will do the best I can within my working parameters to meet your deadline, but as there are many factors beyond my control I cannot absolutely guarantee delivery by a certain date.

K.  You are making a couple of dollars profit on a sale, and your shipping just is not snappy enough for my satifsfaction; doesn’t this give me the right to verbally abuse you by phone or by e-mail?

  1. No, it does not.
  2. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  3. Anyone exhibiting abusive behaviour will be banned from making further purchases


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