Short Kilt Jackets and Coatees

Victorian era highland regiments traditionally traded in their coloured tunics for natural white wool (matches white horsehair) short tunics or coatees in the summer. Wool is great for you traditionalists, but we also offer cooler and less expensive100% cotton tunics in brilliant white. Both versions are fully lined in nylon / silk blend material and offer all of the great features you have come to expect from!

Brilliant White / Gold Cotton Summer Tunic
Natural White / Gold Plain Cuff Melton Summer Tunic
Brilliant White / Gold Cotton Summer Tunic
Canadian Forces Style Rifle Green Coatee

All of the tunic styles shown are available in any combination of body, facing, and piping colours. We love working with our customers to develop new and interesting colour combinations that let you or your band stand out from the crowd!

If you would like to discuss options for a new style, e-mail me at



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